Keyboard Kulture is finally here

After many painstaking months of planning, testing, designing, manufacturing and extreme learning(!), we are finally ready to start sharing our creations with the world. Initially, we are going to start off small and sell a very limited set of products, with the aim to grow into what the community needs us to grow into.

As much as I love Custom Mechanical Keyboards, I also the love the whole Home Desk setup, and that's what I want this business to grow into. A place where the Custom community can get the most exclusive of items for the Desk and Keyboard, our new office and play space combined. 

I have always prided myself with regards to my desktop workspace, and this has bought a certain level of content and satisfaction into my life previously unmatched by any other space in my daily surroundings. We spend so much time at our desks, why shouldn't we personalize it like we do everything else in our lives, and create a truly unique and inspiring creative space.

COVID changed the face of office based work, and we no longer find ourselves stuck behind a 1x1 cubicle or in a stuffy office. Our places of work can be anything we want them to be, and we can only now create that space we truly want to find ourselves working in. The humble old home desk is no longer a place where the family PC resides and all our odds and ends find themselves cluttered all over the place. It's now one the most important places in our daily lives, a place to work, play and create. 

How will you personalize your space....

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